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It is not easy to break into the major leagues in baseball, whether you are hearing or deaf. In baseball’s early years, we had a few deaf baseball players such as Dummy Hoy; today, we have Curtis Pride. Pride has played briefly for major league teams, and has had a long minor league career. Along the way, he has compiled an impressive resume of community-related achievements.

Curtis Pride’s Early Years

Pride was born in the Washington, DC metro area, deaf at birth from rubella. He grew up oral. According to an About visitor, Pride was an excellent soccer player who had played for the United States at the 1985 Under 17 World Championships in China. Pride completed college as a student athlete, and also played basketball.

Curtis Pride’s Baseball Career

Pride began his career as a part-time New York Mets minor leaguer, and moved on to stints with the Montreal Expos (minors and majors), the Detroit Tigers (majors), the Boston Red Sox (minors/briefly in the majors), the Atlanta Braves (majors), the Kansas City Royals, the Salt Lake Stingers (minors), and the Nashua Pride (minors).

In 2003, Pride was called up from the minors by the New York Yankees. The Yankee stint did not last long – only four games. Articles covering Pride’s performance:

  • The New York Times, Tuesday, July 8, 2003
  • The Star-Ledger, Monday, July 7, 2003
  • Asbury Park Press, Monday, July 7, 2003
  • The New York Times,July 7, 2003

In 2004, Pride was called up again from the minors, this time by the Anaheim Angels.

Curtis Pride’s Baseball Cards

Pride has appeared on some baseball cards during his career in both the majors and the minors:

  • Pittsfield Mets
  • Atlanta Braves

Curtis Pride’s Media Appearances

In addition, his picture graced the front page of the first issue of the now defunct HIP Magazine for deaf and hard of hearing kids. Pride also appeared on CBS News’ 48 Hours program. The March/April 2000 issue of World Around You, a publication for deaf teenagers, had an article on Pride.

Curtis Pride’s Good Works

When he is not playing baseball, Pride and his wife, Lisa, are active in the Together With Pride foundation. This foundation aids hearing impaired children, through a hearing aid bank. There are several activities the foundation supports or hopes to support, such as a scholarship program, literacy, and mentoring.

Curtis Pride After Professional Baseball

Curtis Pride became a head baseball coach for Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, a university for deaf and hard of hearing students.


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