Disability Rights California of 2010-11 Governor’s Proposed Budget

For more information and full article please visit:  http://pai-ca.org/legislature/Budget/2010/2010-1-12-prelim-analysis.htm

On January 8, Governor Schwarzenegger proposed a budget which again targets low-income Californians by reducing or eliminating crucial health and human services programs. Some proposals duplicate those of previous years, most of which were rejected by the legislature. Some of the proposals approved by the legislature last year have been stopped by federal courts, yet the Governor is bringing them forward again.

The administration has attached savings to each proposal, but acknowledges that it has not factored in the costs, both human and financial, of the massive cuts. For example, the proposed dismantling of two key programs for Californians with disabilities including seniors – In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and Adult Day Health Care – will inevitably lead to:

  1. Massive harm to health, safety and independence;
  2. Increased use of more expensive hospitals and nursing homes; and
  3. Loss of least 375,000 jobs, including those of home care workers and of IHSS consumers who are able to work and pay taxes because of IHSS.

As before, poor Californians would be hit by the budget hammer again and again, if they depend on multiple programs for their health, safety and income.

This preliminary analysis is based on the documents released on January 8, 2010, and focuses on programs and services which are particularly significant for adults and children with disabilities, arranged by relevant state department. This analysis is not comprehensive, as it does not cover all the proposed cuts, such as in CalWorks, food and health programs and general education, which affect people with disabilities along with other Californians, and because the administration has not yet released details for some of the cuts. In many cases, the governor proposes both cuts for the current budget year and the next one.


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