Kinder raises the bar in Brighton

Kinder raises the bar in Brighton – Local News – News – Bayside Leader.

A BRIGHTON kinder is extending a big helping hand to hearing-impaired children.

The community-run Wilson St Kindergarten has installed acoustic panels that reduce background noises and echoes by two-thirds on all internal surfaces.

The panels cost $22,000 and were funded by Rotary Brighton, Rotary North Brighton and a State Government grant.

Brighton East’s Emily Higgins said the panels had made a big difference to her son Sam’s life.

Sam, 3, has two Cochlear implants. Ms Higgins said that although Sam could hear well in a quiet room, it was difficult for him to distinguish conversations from background noise.

“He can hear the teacher and interact with the other children much better now,“Ms Higgins said.

Kindergarten director Andrea Cummins said the panels made it a lot easier for all the children to learn.

Brighton Primary School principal Anny Lawrence said Wilson St was the only kinder in the southern metropolitan region to offer that much support.


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